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Privacy Policy

Thank you for trusting us with your information. Here is why we need it:

  1. To communicate with winners to provide a method to claim the prize
  2. To verify eligibility and the identity of the winner
  3. To calculate the sales tax that you are required to pay when purchasing from us
  4. To notify those who want information about new hunts, updates to the prize pool or status of the ongoing hunts or to provide other important updates, marketing or promotional material. We will not provide the updates unless you opt in and you can opt out of these updates at any time.
  5. To collect anonymized data about our customers in order to provide a more tailored service. Examples of useful data include: province/territory of the participants, age range, gender, and other demographic information

Who might receive access to your data:

  1. For winners we may be required to provide your personal information to banking or other money transfer services to allow for a transfer of the prize. This will only be done with your direct consent.
  2. We store your first name, last name, email address and billing address (collected during registration or purchases) on our server in a secured database on an Amazon Web Services data center in the United States or Canada. Your password is encrypted prior to being stored, so even we can't see it.
  3. If you want your information removed from our database or you want to know what we have collected, you can contact us through the form below, but please note that we use your email address and name to verify winners and removal may affect your ability to win contests.
  4. Dragon’s Hoard Entertainment Inc. uses Stripe to process credit card transactions. As such we do not retain records of your credit card number, CVV or expiry date - in fact we never see them. You can review Stripe's privacy policy for more details.
  5. You may choose to use our website to store notes about the clues provided when you purchase a treasure map. Those are also stored on a secured database.
  6. We use cookies, this allows you to go from page to page on our site without having to login on every page. The information listed above may be stored for the duration of the session (until you are logged out)
  7. We use Google Analytics to better understand our customer base. They use cookies to track user behaviour on our site. You can learn more here: How Google uses data when you use our partners' sites or apps.
  8. We may provide anonymized data to a third party, exclusively for the purpose of providing Dragon’s Hoard Entertainment Inc. with analysis on how to improve our products to better entertain our customers. These third parties will be restricted to using the anonymized data for the purposes of providing Dragon’s Hoard Entertainment Inc. with demographic information for improving our services.
  9. Due to the nature of the business of treasure hunts, we will not respond to questions specific to ongoing hunts individually. Any questions sent via email to our company may be used in a public F.A.Q. guide that will publicly provide answers to questions asked, where all customers can access the information. We may use parts of your emails or questions asked on the site - we will not post identifying information from these emails.
  10. We may request participation in surveys, questionnaires or feedback of other types. Any data you provide voluntarily may be used to improve our products.
  11. We may request additional information in order to resolve complaints or concerns, but this data will not be shared without explicit permission.
  12. Dragon's Hoard Entertainment will comply with any legal requirements, such as those laid out by a warrant, which may include disclosure of personal information to law enforcement or regulatory agencies - either Canadian or international.
  13. Please note that all of our contests are open only to people of the legal age of majority, we do not solicit personal informatnion from children.

We absolutely will NOT provide your personal details to third parties in exchange for any compensation.

Note that by providing us any information through our website or directly to an agent of Dragon’s Hoard Entertainment Inc. for the purposes of providing services you agree to the above privacy policy.

Your privacy is important to us, we want to be transparent in why we need your data and how we are using it. If there is anything that could be further clarified or if you have concerns around the information being collected, please contact us using the contact form on our website.

Please note that certain actions will generate emails to you even if you are not subscribed:

What do we mean by anonymized data?

Data used for analytics will be generalized; any specific identifiers such as emails, phone numbers, names and specific addresses will be removed. The goal is to make it so that data that is used can not be used in any way to identify an individual.

Please note that we may link to external websites from our website. This privacy policy applies only to the pages and subpages on https://silverdragonshoard.com

Last updated: October 22, 2020, for more information you can talk to the President directly: 1 (403) 324-1462 or using the email contact form below.