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What are we trying to do?

Create a community of people who love solving riddles

The Big One

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  1. Snowballing prize: Currently $10,970, each purchase adds $30 dollars to the prize pool, meaning that the longer the hunt goes the bigger the prize, and the more interested people become.
  2. Entirely online: You don’t have to leave your computer; the clues can be deciphered and the prize can be claimed without lifting a foot or getting within 6 feet of another hunter.
  3. Affordable: No hidden costs; pay once and play, or give it as a gift to the best puzzle solver you know.
  4. Simplicity of the rules: No bonus clues for extra cash or forced social media interactions, everyone gets the same chances. No confusing side prizes that no one knows how to win. Spend your time deciphering the clues not the website.
  5. No incentive to give away answers: Structures of some other hunts we have played have led to trading of answers between participants. Without tiered riddles, you can’t verify that the person you are trading with has the correct answer, so there is no incentive to give away your hard-puzzled clues.
  6. Clever clues: Expect multiple meanings to each line; each word is carefully chosen to add meaning to the clues (not just because tatters rhymes).
  7. Duration of the treasure hunt: Don’t expect this to be finished quickly. This hunt is a hobby not an afternoon. The winner will be the most dedicated, not the first person to sign up.
  8. Every riddle is important: You can’t just jump to the final riddle to find the location.

All The Rest

  1. Small entry fee: Some hunts are free with cash prizes, some have larger prizes for entry fees ranging from $10 to $20, so that everyone can afford to play.
  2. Various topics: A range of different themes, so anyone can have an advantage; math, history, science and pop culture to name a few, but always accessible to anyone willing to do the research.
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  4. Creative clues: Riddles are presented in a variety of formats. Expect each one to be a little bit different. We are making this up as we go, and always looking for new ways to stump you.
  5. Assorted structures: Some may have a referral prize, some might have bonus prizes, and some are just a race to the finish. Each one has the rules clearly laid out on the hunts page.
  6. Ranging difficulty: Some of these will be solved in a matter of hours, some may take weeks.
  7. Clever clues: Just because they are in a smaller package, doesn't mean they don't pack the same punch, each word is carefully chosen, and we deliberately choose the pictures and fonts.
  8. We like to write riddles, and we want to make it open to as many different people as we can.

Who Are We?

A mother/son team with a love for riddles and a desire to add to the sum of total fun in the world

Nick Bruinsma

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I have loved games my whole life: tabletop games, video games and sports. A lot of my all-time favorite games include riddles and puzzles. From classic point-and-click adventures (How appropriate, you fight like a cow) to explicit riddles in the Forgotten Realm games, to simple prop bets with my friends at the bar, everything is more fun with a little friendly competition riding on it. I love finding creativity within the constraints that a set of rules provides. That is probably also why I enjoy things like programming and web development.

In my day job, I am a mild-mannered business intelligence analyst. But most evenings I come home and I turn into a mild-mannered web and riddle designer. I have a degree with a dual major in math and psychology and a degree in computer science. I am currently working on a dual Master's degree in Business and Data Science. I am always looking to expand horizons and learn new things. Fire me a quick email from the form below if you have any questions or if you are looking for another player for any tabletop games in Halifax area or online.

Maureen Bruinsma

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Years ago, a birthday party I hosted for one of my kids consisted of a treasure hunt with a series of clues that led from one to the next, culminating in a little wooden treasure chest with drawstring loot bags sewn of white canvas (appropriated from my art supplies) and filled with chocolate coins and candy necklaces. The kids had a blast and so did I. This is a bigger party.

A retired medical transcriptionist, my husband and I have relocated to Vancouver Island where I enjoy the outdoors, fishing and hiking, and gardening. I am currently doing renovations on an old house, learning how as I go, and also doing small woodworking projects including building treasure chests. I am a published writer of fiction and poetry, and an artist, with a competitive nature and a love of riddles and trivia. My contribution to our fun venture is in the artwork, the photos and background paintings, and in the details of the writing, grammar, punctuation, nuances of wording, etc. Combined with Nick’s creative abilities in constructing the website and brilliant ideas in how to carry out our vision successfully, the dragon was born.

We have so much fun with the riddles, we hope many others will as well. We are always excited to see your feedback so please feel free to drop us a line via the contact form on the website.