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Gnarled Visor - Solved

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Quest bears fruit on mist-covered land
Maiden of many names, or many of one
Flows forth with vivacity to extend a hand
Needed for reunion with unnatural son
Shimmering legend, does the story hold water?
Guardian of prince, armer of future king
To reach the dragonís head he sought her
Gift given, meteoric rise, ordained upswing
Attracting attention of a well-known sage
Enchanting visage captivated, enrapt
Taking a trick from his own page
Didnít foresee love keeping him trapped
Guardian again when two-timed hero downed
Handily providing the clue to our mystery
My lady, a title, in these the pieces found
Tell me tone and type, this legend of history

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Blaze of Glory - Solved

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Light up the green like dogged lion
And moving swift from here to there
Mars and more watch me burn past Orion
Princely gifts bestowed from wonderland prayer
My hands can do much, blindsided by fear
Guardians, a fleet of emotional angelfish
At peace and alone, a loss without peer
Do it on your own, bane or burning wish

General Clue Notes

Dispirited - Solved

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Mad threat of war hangs over all, impending obliteration
Secrets rise in long buildings, fashioned by the nation
The air is cold, obscured by smoke, they assemble with discretion
Determined to stave off the iron yoke that marks oppression
The gathering is organized with aim to arm the guard
A shocking new discovery, defense extraordinarily hard
But the tent flap is raised and ideas begin to fly
Power from a supernatural force called up and standing by
A beautiful maiden is guided out into the firing line
A traveller appears, ducks in front, covers up the shine
Then united resistance causes all plans to stall
The right stuff, the wrong time, ill-fated chief kills all
The brightest leached away to us, gods begin to play
But one phantom remains, haunting believers to this day

General Clue Notes

Mellifluous - Solved

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The hawk would devour, the eagle make song,
The high suit attempt to paint history all wrong
But, they call it the news I fear
With no resistance we might all disappear
Voice of nature, simple, sweet and pure
Worth twice as much when handily secure
An emperor performs in the garden park
Real life follows drama, though not just a lark

General Clue Notes