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Example Clues

Here are some clues we whipped up to give you an idea of the level of detail we try to include or if you want to try to solve some just for fun. Keep in mind that the clues in the hunt will be a little more polished, since we went over them about a hundred times.

If you want them in a paper copy you can find them here

To see the active treasure hunts with cash prizes visit HUNTS

Example 1

Lines Solution
Plainest of weapons, crushed by arms race
Yet still plentiful on every training base
Propelled to glory by bygone vengeful hordes
Shaping ruins and rubble, lakes of fire, blackened boards
Leaned on by commoner, hoarded by king
Carried by slave and seer, a child's plaything
I forge change or just lie down and go with the flow
Try to destroy me and watch my forces grow
I can fell a strong man or add substance to his game
Or make sure that history remembers his name

Example 2

Lines Solution
Most powerful of weapons, but in appearance often plain
Not exactly a weapon, yet you need me to train
My components can be forged into a complicated trap
I wound, I wrap wounds, yet I smother with a wrap
I am wielded by the royal, maybe carried by the knight
In the wrong hands just one of me can lose the fight
The plans for me are simple, a template on one page
Yet to build me takes machinery, plants, and an age
There might be one of me, or many, never just a pair
If captured and destroyed, I will go out with a flair

Example 3

Lines Solution
I am quick to draw blood yet I carry no stain
Edge enforces discipline on soldiers as they train
I divide to conquer, to divide I close the gap
I wound, prep wraps, yet me you cannot wrap
I am wielded with one hand, or maybe two feet
Caused a frank king to lose their royal seat
The strongest of men has fallen to my touch
Found on the battlefield but not in soldier’s clutch
Never one of me, you may hold many or a pair
A run ranks even worse in the rules that I bear.

Example 4

Lines Solution
I sit and rest on rock under tree
To my left, a wolf lays next to me
She outpaces me if we break into run
One hundred and five strands, a web is spun
No fear of fire, or crackling lightning
But freezing air is something frightening
A cleansing rebuke might lay me low
But I have no fear of the devil below
As I am familiar with forked tongues
Deadly water can fill my lungs
A pent up version, deviation from start
Shooting is no more than pointless dart
Your twinning blades won’t make the cuts
Though a single man might spill my guts
Who Am I?